By-Laws of the ACF Kansas City Chef’s Association

(By-Laws Updated-Revised June 2012)
1. The American Culinary Federation – Greater Kansas City Chefs Association is governed by a State of Missouri (not for profit corporation) #N00015116.
2. “Roberts Rules of Order, 10 edition”, replaces “Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised”. It is the parliamentary authority which The American Culinary Federation chose at its convention in Chicago, Illinois, 1957.
As a proud member of the American Culinary Federation, I pledge to share my professional knowledge and skill with all culinarians. I will place honor, fairness, cooperation and consideration first when dealing with my colleagues. I will
keep all comments professional and respectful when dealing with my colleagues. I will protect all members from the use of unfair means, unnecessary risks and unethical behavior when used against them for another’s personal gain. I will
support the success, growth, and future of my colleagues and this great federation.
Adopted at Board of Governors on August 3, 2010.
This constitution of the American Culinary Federation – Greater Kansas City Chefs Association is adopted pursuant to the provisions of the membership corporation law of the state of Missouri, and together with such bylaws as may be duly adopted pursuant to law, shall collectively constitute the bylaws of The American Culinary Federation – Greater Kansas City Chefs Association.


The purpose for which the ACF-GKCCA was formed is set forth in its certificate of incorporation as follows:
To promote the interests and the welfare of those engaged in culinary endeavors, catering, all allied employments, and to that end to do all and everything necessary, suitable and proper for the attainment of any of the purposes, the accomplishment of any of the objects of, or the furtherance of any of the powers hereinafter set forth, and to have, enjoy and exercise any and all rights, powers and privileges, and exemptions which are now or which may hereafter be conferred upon corporations organized to the membership laws of the state of Missouri as they now exist or may be amended or supplemented.

In furtherance of the objects set forth in its certificate of incorporation, the ACF-GKCCA shall organize a culinary association in the Kansas City area, thereby being a local organization of chefs and cooks who have devoted a lifetime of endeavor to the science of cookery; to foster the best interests of the culinary profession and particularly the interests of its members in that profession by cooperation with members and others in any and all matters involving the art and practice of cookery; to foster good will toward the culinary profession; to advance ways and means beneficial to the culinary profession with the ultimate aim of obtaining official recognition of cookery as a profession.


The ACF-GKCCA is an organization of nonprofit, non-partisan and non-sectarian culinary association of professional chefs, pastry chefs, bakers, and cooks engaged in the planning, preparation, service, and supervision of foods and beverages, in commercial kitchens, in hotels, clubs, restaurants, institutions, schools and other establishments.
*(For purposes of clarity, all uses of the words: him or he include her or she.)



The membership of this organization shall consist of the membership categories set forth by the national office. Currently (01.01.09) this contains the following categories.

Professional Culinarian
A Culinarian with a minimum of three years full-time employment in the culinary profession.

A Culinarian is an individual not involved in the management or supervision of staff, with a minimum of 6 months full time employment. A Culinarian should be pursuing on-the-job training and experience necessary to advance to the membership level of Professional Culinarian. A Culinarian membership is subject to a limit of five years.

Student Culinarian
A Student Culinarian is a student enrolled in an accredited postsecondary culinary education program, or a registered apprentice as defined by the ACF apprenticeship training program. A student membership is subject to a limit of four years.

Junior Culinarian
A Junior Culinarian is a secondary student who is enrolled in a culinary career education program and/or related program and has yet to receive a high school diploma or GED.

An Associate Member is a representative of a group, company or corporation providing products or services to the culinary profession.

An Allied Member is an individual employed in a field related to the culinary profession (such as dietitians, nutritionists, and restaurant managers or owners).

Property Membership
A Property Membership is an affordable option for companies who wish to enroll their employees. A minimum of 6 chefs must be enrolled to receive a discount. Each employee may join a local chapter or ACF National Chapter.

Culinary Enthusiast
A Culinary Enthusiast Member is an individual that is not employed in a culinary field, but has a passion for the culinary arts. Individuals who enjoy cooking, baking, dining in our industry, or who may have their favorite chef on speed dial should join as an Enthusiast.

ACF offers military personnel the benefits of a membership at a reduced price

The President may recommend the nomination of worthy individuals to the Board for “approval”. Such recommendation and election can only take place at a regularly scheduled association meeting, with the approval of all participating eligible voting members present. There shall be no local fee charged to an Honorary member such as monthly meeting, initiation fees or dues. However these members are exempt from National Membership benefits unless those fees/dues are paid by the member.

The annual meeting shall be held November of each year. The agenda for this meeting shall include

A) a report of the Trustees
B) an audit of the Treasurer’s books
C) designation to the new trustees that a second audit is to be reported in May if recommended by current trustees.
D) Installation of new officers – (election year)


A) The meetings of the association will be held on the second Tuesday of each month.
B) They are to begin at 7:00 p.m., and should not last longer than 10 p.m., if possible.
C) At least two elected officers must be present to qualify the opening of any meeting.
D) Members are to receive notice of each meeting, time, and place, no later than one week in advance of the meeting. (1-15-89)
E) All professional members and guests who attend must pay $10.00 per person except educational speakers, the host chef, host apprentices and associate sponsors. (Associate sponsors may have 3 guests the meeting they sponsor.
F) All non-professional members such as Junior Chef Members and High School students and their guest/s are to pay $5.00 each.


A) Chefs uniforms or appropriate business attire is the standard dress code.
B) Meetings are to be conducted according to the Parliamentary Procedure. Anyone desiring to speak must first be recognized by the chair. Speaking time shall be limited to two minutes per chair recognition. If additional time is required, the chair may grant it at its discretion. All motions made must be seconded.
C) When a speaker delves into personalities, the chair may rule the speech out of order and order that the speaker sit down. “Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised” is the basis for handling any matter or procedure not otherwise covered in these bylaws.

Order of business of the meetings shall be as follows:

1. Call to order – time
2. Pledge of allegiance to the flag
3. Approving of minutes (1-15-89)
4. Recognition of sponsors
5. Introduction of guests
6. Meeting Program – (may occur at anytime designated)
7. Receiving of Committee Chair reports–following order
(as needed): Sick Call Apprenticeship Associate By-Laws Certification Chef and Child / Fund Raiser Culinary Benefit / Special Events Culinary Competition Education Nominating / Elections Ethics Hospitality Junior Chef Membership MRA Public Relations Treasurers Report Trustees. Old Business New Business Announce next meeting / Meeting adjournment – time


A. A simple majority vote by a secret ballot may approve all matters needing a vote, by members with voting privileges.


The officers of the association must be paid members of the National ACF organization and shall be as follows:

Elective Officers President Vice-Presidents (two) Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms (two)

Non-Elective Officers Chairperson of the Board (one) Trustees (four)

Upon election, officers and board members are expected to be in attendance at the monthly “Board” meetings and participate fully in chapter activities. Any member deemed by the Board as being unable to consistently fulfill these responsibilities, after consultation with that member, may be asked to step down or be removed from the board by a majority vote.
Job Description:

A) Every chapter President, upon expiration of term of office and upon election and installation of a new President, shall automatically become Chair of the Board of Officers of the Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association.
B) The Board Chair acts as an advisor to the President. The term of office shall be concurrent with the term of office of the succeeding President.
C) Upon expiration of term of office, the Board Chair becomes the Installing Officer for the newly elected Board.
D) The Board Chair shall have all the rights and privileges as a member of the Board of Officers, including full voting rights on all matters pertaining to the Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association.
E) The Chairperson of the Board shall preside over the Board of Officers meeting in absence of the President of the Board.
F) The Chairperson of the Board will assume vacated board position until filled
Job Description:

A) Shall preside at all meetings of this association and the Board of Officers and shall be a member with power to vote.
B) Shall be the liaison between the National and Regional Office of the ACF
1) Shall represent the chapter at the Regional Conference and National Convention (funds available)
C) The President shall enforce order and decide all questions of order without debate, subject to an appeal by any member of good standing.
D) The President shall have authority to sign checks and shall perform such other duties as are usually incidental to the office.
E) The President shall appoint Chairs of the following committee on an as needed basis.
Apprenticeship, Associate, Bylaws, Certification,, Culinary Competition , Chef and Child / Special Events/Fund Raising, Education, Ethics, Elections/Nominating, Hospitality, Membership, MRA, Public Relations.

These Chair’s of the Committees shall constitute an Advisory Board and shall meet with the elected officers at the business (board) meetings.

E) In addition the president will request four volunteers to form a Board of Trustees. To review the annual audit and be called upon in the event of an ethics violation.(see article VIII)
1) Volunteers from the following members, 2 Retired/Senior, 2 Active.

Job Description/s

A) One of which shall act in the capacity of the President in the absence of the President and shall perform other duties as may be designated by the President.
B) The Vice President will be the contact with Chairs and Co-Chairs of all Committees.
C) To secure monthly meeting locations
1) to work with the Associate member chair to procure donations for said meeting
2) to work with Education Chair to present educational seminar at least 6 times per year
3) to work with various vendors, purveyors for presentations of products at monthly meetings

Job Description:

A. Shall attend all meetings of the association and the Board of Officers and keep digital minutes of both the board and general member meetings.
1. Shall have a written copy of the previous month’s meeting minutes available for viewing during the board meeting
B. Shall keep a digital record of the membership, and send out notices of regular and special meetings.
C. Shall keep a current digital attendance roster.
D. If the secretary is absent, shall notify the president, whom shall appoint an officer to take the meeting minutes.

Job Description:

A) Shall be bondable and shall be responsible for and keep a full and accurate record of all receipts, disbursements, and dues collections, make all deposits, and be responsible for holding all money in the name of the association.
B) Shall be responsible for the collection of funds at various events including the monthly meeting and culinary benefit.
C) The Treasurer shall be authorized to make a monthly report to the meetings and release the books for an annual audit by the Trustees.
D) If the current treasurer does not seek re-election their term extends concurrently with the new Treasurer until taxes are filed. (This extended time will allow for a smoother transition and training period for the in-coming Treasurer.)

Job Description:

A) Shall be responsible for keeping order at all times at any gathering of the association.
B) Shall be responsible for the presence of the American Flag and the Association Banner at each meeting
1. Shall lead members present in the Pledge of Allegiance.
C) Should be knowledgeable in “Roberts Rules of Order” to assist the President toward the orderly flow of each meeting.
D) Shall assist the Treasurer at the registration table

Job Description:

A) Shall examine the report of the accounting firm annually. This shall include the IRS report and the accounting firm report.
B) Shall become part of the Ethics Committee upon request of the President


Election for each office shall be for a period of two years; each office may succeed self for a period of two more years. Current officers may be elected after a four-year term for a different office. Term of service for officers shall be for two years with the term of service beginning on January 1st of the 1st year and ending on December 31st of the 2nd year of service. If the President is incapacitated or leaves the association, the office will be filled by one of the Vice Presidents. The selection of the Vice President will be determined by secret vote of active members only. All other offices vacated for any reason will be nominated by the board on a simple majority.


At the May meeting a Nominating/Election Committee shall be appointed by the President and shall consist of four Active Members. Before the September meeting, the Nominating Committee shall select two candidates for each office, ascertain from each candidate his willingness to accept the office if elected, and shall present its slate of candidates to the membership at the September meeting. Membership on the Nominating Committee shall not bar a member from a candidacy for any office. After presentation of the slate of candidates, the Nominating Committee automatically becomes the Election Committee.

After presentation of the slate of candidates by the nominating Committee, the President shall call for nomination from the floor, these nominations must be seconded. If the number of candidates for any office nominated by the Committee or the membership at large exceeds two members, there shall be a secret election held by October and a maximum of two members will be selected as candidates for each office.

The manner in which the election is conducted shall be determined by the Election Committee with the stipulation that all elections be by electronic mail and be a secret ballot. Voting is limited to all Active Members and Retired Chef Members. Junior Members meeting attendance guidelines will receive one-half vote. All ballots cast after the published deadline will be disallowed. The election should be completed by November 1st and the results of the voting will be announced by the Election Committee at the November meeting. Winning officers will assume the responsibility of their office on January 1st and be formally installed at the Awards Banquet. All records of previous officers turned over at that time.

a. Installation shall occur at the Awards Banquet
b. The ceremony shall be conducted by the outgoing president.
c. The ceremony shall include the following:

Before you assume these duties, I ask you all to repeat after me.

I (state your full name) having been duly elected an officer of the Greater Kansas City Chefs Association, Pledge myself to conduct the business of the association, to the best of my ability and understanding.

I will abide by the bylaws of this association, and follow the Culinarian’s Code. I will devote all the time I can to the welfare of this association.

The members of this association have honored each and every one of you, collectively, by electing you among their leaders, for the ensuing term, in your respective offices. You have accepted the responsibilities to fulfill the duties of the offices you have been elected.
Section 10. Quorum

A) The Quorum to conduct business for the governing body of the GKCAA shall be a minimum of 15 eligible voting members.
B) The Quorum to conduct business for the Executive Board is 3 Executive Board Members.

Dues and Fees
Dues shall be the amount assessed by national ACF office plus an amount due to the chapter of:
Active member $15.00
Jr. member $ 5.00
Associate member $50.00
Allied member $50.00
Retired/Honorary member $ 00.00

Article Two: Changes to Dues

Any dues changes must be made in accordance with a by-law amendment or American Culinary Federation Inc. assessment.
Any member more than 60 days past due on paying their dues shall not have any rights of membership, shall resign from any office they hold and may not vote on any business of the chapter.


The funds of this association shall be deposited in a bank of good standing in the name of the Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association of Kansas City.

All bills, with receipts, must be presented to the Board for approval and payment by the Treasurer. Expenses without verifiable documentation will not be paid. In the event of an emergency bill, not to exceed $150.00, it may be paid upon approval of the President and Secretary.

Social events expenditures may be made on approval of the Committee Chair appointed by the President. These expenditures are to be detailed in the Chair’s Financial Report of the affair.

Expenses for the Delegate/s to the Annual National Convention and Annual American Culinary Federation Board of Directors Conferences are as follows:

A. President’s registration fee, flight, transfers, hotel and room expenses are to be paid if necessary. In addition the President is allowed expenditures not to exceed $200.00 for Regional Conference and $300.00 for National Convention for purchase of meals and or to entertain members from other chapters outside of the registration package at their discretion. This does not include a rental car, personal service/s or expenses of a personal nature.

B. If the President is unable to go, the association will appoint an officer to go, with the expenses being paid.

C. An officer shall accompany the President, if finances permit. This person shall be selected by the board, and the registration fee, flight, transfers, hotel and room expenses are to be paid if necessary by the association. This does not include a rental car, personal service/s or expenses of a personal nature.

D. If any officer attends in place of the President, a proxy must accompany that person.

Every local association upon becoming a National member shall be autonomous concerning their local activities in so far as their activities are not in conflict with the Constitution and By-laws of the American Culinary Federation.

If a member should have a change of address, it is that member’s responsibility to notify the Chef Association Office and the National American Culinary Federation Office.


Upon the death of a member or generous supporter or contributor of this Association and or the culinary field the president or secretary shall send a floral tribute or monetary gift as designated by the family not to exceed one-hundred ($100) dollars. They shall arrange for representation of the GKCCA members to show respect as a group at the appropriate wake or service. At next regular meeting a minute of silence shall be observed for the departed member.


Supervising Chefs must be members of the ACF and Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association in good standing and Certified or Certifiable at CCC level or higher.

Supervising Chefs must comply with the National and local Apprenticeship Training Standards as established by the A.C.F.F.

A supervising Chef must have had three years experience in a chef’s position.


The President shall call for nominations from the floor during the September meeting. Nominator must be a voting chef member of the GKCCA and nomination must be seconded by a voting member of the GKCCA. Elections will be conducted by electronic mail and be a secret ballot. Voting is limited to active Chef Members, Honorary Chef Members, Retired Members. All other members will receive a one-half vote. Junior Chef Members attending a minimum of four (4) monthly meetings will receive a one-half vote. The results of the voting will be announced by the Previous Year’s Chef of the Year winner at the Annual Awards Banquet. After receiving the award, a chef will not be eligible to become a candidate for five years from the date the award is presented.

Candidates for this award must be Active paid members of the GKCAA for the past three years, whose culinary expertise and exemplary dedication have enhanced their image as a chef and that of the Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association; a person who commands the respect of their peers because of outstanding character and performance.

This award will recognize the dedication of that professional whose accomplishments further benefited those of this association.
Candidates that are validated as reaching the following criteria will be presented to the membership for a vote by November 1st.

• At least three (3) continuous years in the ACF GKCCA chapter. Eligibility starting in January of the third year.

• Nominee must supply a digital photograph and brief biography of chapter activity and work history by the October meeting.

• Must have completed (8) of the following during the same time period.

1. An ACF GKCCA chapter elected officer or committee chair
2. Chef d cuisine at a chapter event
3. Attended a regional conference, National Convention or a regional forum prior to nomination
4. Documented evidence that the candidate attended a minimum of SIX (6) local chapter meetings/events during the current year (November to November)
5. Have an article, about food or our industry, personally authored by the member published outside the chapter newsletter. A copy of the article to be submitted to the COTY Committee
6. Be an appointed member of a national committee
7. Hosted an ACF GKCCA chapter event
8. Do a documented One (1) hour demonstration for the members at a chapter meeting
9. Have competed in an ACF sanctioned culinary competition or completed certification exam
10. Sign up two new paid active members
11. Have performed documented public service with the GKCCA out side the work place.
12. Has a documented ACF Apprentice enrolled with the ACF headquarters, or mentored an ACF GKCCA junior member. (Not an enrolled student in a culinary program at which member is a paid instructor)
13. Be ACF certified at CCC or higher
14. Do a documented Career day presentation
15. Participate at an ACF GKCCA chapter event in a non culinary capacity
16. Participate in a JCCC graduation luncheon
17. Serve as a member of an ACF GKCCA standing or ad hoc committee
18. Receive a Documented award from an allied association outside your place of employment
19. Participate as a representative of GKCCA in a formal ceremony

It is the nominee’s responsibility to supply the nomination committee the required information by the October meeting before nominations are closed.

Candidates for this award must be Associate Members of GKCCA; a person, company, group or organization providing products or services to, or promoting the culinary profession as part of their daily business, whose membership in the local chapter has been supportive of the policies and goals of the organization.
The results of the voting will be announced by the Previous Purveyor of the Year winner at the Annual Awards Banquet. After receiving the award, this purveyor will not be eligible to become a candidate for three years from the date the award is presented.

Must have completed FIVE (5) of the following during the same time period:

1. An ACF GKCCA chapter selected chair
2. Major contributor at a chapter event
3. Attend an ACF regional conference or National Convention prior to nomination
4. Documented evidence that the candidate attended a minimum of SIX (6) local chapter meetings during the current year (July 1st to June 30th)
5. Have an article, about food or our industry, personally authored by the member published outside the chapter newsletter. A copy of the article is to be submitted
6. Hosted an ACF GKCCA chapter event
7. Do a documented One (1) hour demonstration for the members at a chapter meeting
8. Sign up two new paid active members in any category
9. Have performed documented public service with the GKCCA outside the work place.
10. Do a documented Career day presentation
11. Participate at an ACF GKCCA chapter event in a non culinary capacity
12. Serve as a member of an ACF GKCCA standing or ad hoc committee
13. Receive a Documented major award from an allied association outside your place of employment
14. Other documented chapter events for consideration

It is the nominee’s responsibility to supply the nomination committee the required information by the October meeting before nominations are closed.

Section 3. President’s Award
Recipients of the this award will be chosen by the presiding president and given to individual/s (not to exceed two per year) affiliated with the GKCCA for the their outstanding contributions and/or performance for the betterment of our association . This award will be announced by the President at the annual Awards Banquet.

Candidates for this award are nominated by Active Chef Members supervising registered apprentices. Nomination letters will be mailed in April to all Supervising Chefs. Recommendations must be documented in writing and received by the Chair of the Apprenticeship Committee by May 1.

To be eligible, nominees must be a second or third year apprentice, and a member in good standing of the Junior Chefs and the ACF Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association.
The recipient of the Apprentice of the Year award is required to represent the GKCCA by applying for the Regional Student/Apprentice of the Year award.
If said nominee should win the Regional they are obligated to represent the Chapter in the National Student/Apprentice of the year Award as long as he/she is eligible.
The nominated apprentice must also meet the following performance guidelines:

[Scale 100 points]

20 pts. 1. An apprentice must have an accumulative grade point average of 2.8 for Chef Apprenticeship curriculum classes, and maintain a 3.0 G.P.A. in Culinary Practicums,excluding other department and college courses. (To be verified by Johnson County Community College Program Coordinator and/or other Hospitality Instructors.)

10 pts. 2. An apprentice must have attended 90% of the Apprentice Association meetings. (To be verified by attendance rosters of both association meeting minutes.)

20 pts. 3. An apprentice who is involved in all Chef Apprenticeship Program activities, i.e., Chef’s Benefit Banquet, Chef’s Awards Banquet and 75% of Apprentice Association projects. (To be verified by attendance rosters kept by Apprentice President and maintained with Chef’s Association Apprentice Committee Chair.)

10 pts. 4. An apprentice who is well groomed and works in a clean, organized manner and aggressively seeks out additional responsibility and knowledge from their Chef. (To be determined by apprentice’s Supervising Chef.)

20 pts. 5. An apprentice who has maintained the required log books in accordance with ACF and local chapter requirements. (To be verified by the full Apprenticeship Committee.)

20 pts. 6. The candidates will appear before the Governing Committee and Chair of the Apprenticeship Committee for an oral interview to determine the Apprentice’s initiatives and goals, demonstrated leadership, and the potential for future leadership among colleagues for the advancement of the chefs profession.
The Governing Committee and the Chair of the Apprenticeship Committee will review the performance guideline scores and meet with the nominated apprentices for oral interviews prior to the January chef’s meeting. Individual performance guideline score sheets will be made available as needed for nominating Supervising Chefs to review after the Governing Committee determines the winner.
The announcement of the “Apprentice of the Year” will be made at the Annual Awards Banquet. This apprentice will acquire for one (1) year, the Enderlin Trophy; and a traveling trophy representing “Par Excellence as a Future Professional Chef”. The apprentice will also receive a replica trophy and a certificate counting as 5 ACFEI points for association activities toward their certification, granted on the local level.

This is an honorary award presented to an individual who has contributed distinguished service to the Association and/or the food service industry.
Selection for this award will be determined by the Board of Officers of the Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association. The recipient will be announced by the Chair-person of the Board at the Annual Awards Banquet.


An Ethics Committee shall be formed on an as needed basis. This will be a six (6) member standing committee nominated by the chapter president composed of the president, a vice-president and secretary of the ACF Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association and the four (4) member Board of Trustees.

SECTION 1. Misconduct or nonperformance

A) If, any elected officer or member of the association accused of misconduct or nonperformance of duties shall be entitled to a hearing before the Ethics Committee.
1 The accused shall be accorded all due process.
2 If the hearing finds the accused guilty, the committee will recommend the appropriate action to the Board.
3 The accused may be removed from office and/or membership in the association can be revoked by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board of Officers.
4 If the accused is a member of the Board, abstention from the voting process will be required.

SECTION 2. Digital Technology Usage – effective March 1, 2009

As of April March 1, 2009 the GKCCA will provide all notification via the internet through the use of “email” or other electronic services. Only those persons requesting in written form a waiver will be sent information via the US Post Office or other carrier.

A) GKCCA use of personal email will be limited to the announcement of business pertaining the association.
1. Board, Monthly and/or special meeting notices
2. Any unauthorized use of forwarded email addresses is unacceptable.
Article XII
Any “Active / Active Retired” Member may suggest an amendment to this Bylaw. The proposed change will be researched and the member proposing the change will develop a formal proposal to be brought before the by-laws committee to voted on by the Board and brought before membership of the ACF-GKCCA for discussion and vote.

A notification shall be sent to all members of ACF-GKCCA not less than 30 days and not more than 90 days before the proposed amendments is to be voted upon.
The proposed amendment requires a 2/3rd vote of the members present to pass.

Article XIII
In case of dissolution of this Association funds and all assets shall be donated equally as follows to establish/fund a culinary education scholarship trust at : Johnson County Community College – Hospitality Management Program – For the benefit of the following area secondary culinary programs. Broadmoor Technical Center, Ft. Osage Career Center, Herndon Career Center, Manual Career Center, Northland Career Center & Culinary Services of Greenbush Consortium (Olathe North).
The Association may not be dissolved as long as there are twelve (12) members in good standing willing to carry on.