You are invited to compete in Ben E. Keith Foodservice ACF Culinary Salon competition to be held during the Ben E. Keith Foodservice Trade Show in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Trade Show and Competition will take place at the Cox Convention Center, 1 Myriad Gardens, Oklahoma City, OK. Your entry includes complimentary admission to the Show.

Category W — Customized Wildcard Category April 11th 2017

  • Vegas Strip Steak
  • Competitors are required to prepare four portions of a finished entrée plate with the Vegas Strip Steak as the focal point of the entree.
  • The protein must be fabricated in the kitchen and portioned for four servings.
  • The entrée plate should have the appropriate accompaniments, garnishes, and sauces.
  • The competitors have 15 minutes for set-up, 60 minutes to fabricate and cook, 10 minutes for plate up and 15 minutes for clean-up.
  • Competition will begin at 9:00 am. Start times will be assigned no later than April 5th.
  • Of the four portions, three are for the judges, and one is for display and critique.

Competition kitchen is supplied with the following: 4 burner electric range with conduction oven (This is a home style range that will accommodate half sheet pan size), Shared reach in cooler, two work tables, sani-pail, soap pail, plastic wrap, latex gloves, cutting boards, 4 electric outlets, and trash can. Share kitchen will have running water sink, hand washing, freezer, and bag ice. Vegas Strip steak will be available to competitors on the day of the competition if requested.

  • Competitors must provide at least four judges’ packets that include: recipes, all ingredients and a complete diagram or a clear, close-up, color photograph of the signature dish. Packets are to be provided to judges on-site the day of the competition.
  • Competitors must bring their own food, tools, cookware and china.
  • Competitors are allowed to bring in only the whole and raw materials in the amounts stated in their recipes. However, judges may allow variances in amounts for products that require further preparation (whole fish, meats, etc.).
  • Competitors wishing to bring in Pre-fabricated and marinated proteins must demonstrate the entire process in the proper sequence during the competition. Any person not following these guidelines will be disqualified.
  • Ingredients for the recipe are allowed to be pre-scaled and measured, however, no pre-mixing is allowed.
  • No advance preparation or cooking is allowed.
  • Cleaned and peeled mirepoix ingredients are acceptable.
  • Chopped herbs, shallots and garlic are acceptable.
  • Vegetables can be peeled and salads may be cleaned and washed, but not cut or shaped in any form
  • Beans may be pre-soaked.
  • No finished soups or sauces are allowed but basic stocks may be brought in. No clarified consommés are allowed.
  • The following ready-made dough may be brought in: brik (brick), puff pastry and filo (phyllo).
  • All combinations of ingredients must be completed during the competitors allotted competition time.
  • Pullman loaves, breads, and dumpling wrappers will be permitted.


“The Vegas Strip Steak™ is often compared to the New York Strip Steak. But there can only be one New York Strip Steak. So what city should this steak honor?

Vegas, of course! It’s a great restaurant town that has earned its culinary reputation more recently. Vegas is a crowd-pleaser and so is this steak! The name has everything necessary to drive commercial success”

Application Fees:

Professional: $75.00 per competitor

Students:     $25.00 per competitor, refunded with participation.

Complete the entry form and send with check payable to: Ben E. Keith Foodservice

and mail to:

Ben E. Keith Foodservice
Attn: Art Hamilton
P.O. Box 8170
Edmond, OK 73083-8170


All entries must be received no later than April 4th 2017. Upon acceptance of application and registration fee, further information regarding your category will be forwarded to you. For additional information, contact Salon Chair: Chef Mark Brown (405)213-8726 or Art Hamilton (405)226-7442.