Join us for our November 17, 2020 ACF KC Greater Kansas City Chef’s Association Zoom Meeting. We’ve partnered with Corto Olive Oil to host an Educational Virtual Meeting.

During the meeting Lisa Pollack, an Olive Oil Educational Specialist from Corto Olive Oil, will walk us through an Olive Oil tasting.About the Virtual Olive Oil Tasting:The 30-min session will take place on Zoom, and go along with a personal tasting kit which is mailed ahead in advance. It is designed to be a knowledge-building experience around freshness and flavor in olive oil.

In order to get the full experience attendees will need to sign up by November 1st, so Corto Olive Oil can mail a personal tasting kit to you.

To register and have an Olive Oil kit mailed to you, you will need to provide your Full Name, Address, Email, Phone, Job Title and Place of Employment.

A few days prior to the meeting, we will email you with all of the information you’ll need to attend the Zoom meeting. After the Corto Olive Oil tasting we will be taking questions for the presenter and have a brief ACF KC update.

PLEASE REGISTER USING THE LINK BELOW. We look forward to seeing everyone!

About Corto: Corto Olive Co., founded by a multi-generational farming family in Lodi, CA, is passionate about crafting exceptionally fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the peak of flavor.  Corto’s mission is to support and inspire independent restaurant chefs and restaurateurs to create even more flavorful dishes – and explore entirely new culinary possibilities – using premium fresh olive oil.  For more information on Corto Olive Co., visit:

About Lisa: Lisa Pollack is an Olive Oil Specialist with over 7 years of experience working with olive oil producers throughout the world. Her background comes from the California Olive Oil Council where she oversaw the organization’s commitment to quality and standards with the sensory taste panel and worked diligently to provide resources for discerning chefs, retailers and consumers. Lisa leads opportunities to taste and experience fresh olive oil as the Education Ambassador at Corto.